Monday, February 27, 2012

Fifty Classic Horror Films

A couple years ago, I saw a commercial advertising 50 Horror Classics, a 5 disc set. Bout wrenched my neck. "If you call now, you'll receive two sets.....for only $25.00......" Oh my god! Pen, working pen! Finally, I just grabbed my phone and called the number. I received my two sets. I kept one and sent the other to my cousin, Mark Morris, whose a bigger horror freak than I. Best purchase I ever made. Hands down. Granted, some are a little rough and have some digital glitches, but I think that just adds to the "classic" part, and there are a couple, so far, that cut off before the end, but who the hell cares? There are 50! I haven't plowed through all of them yet. Just haven't made the time. But today's a new day, and I'm finding more and more that life's too frickin short to put all the good stuff on the back burner. Besides, if I'm going to have a decent horrorzine, I can justify watching every last second...even if they cut it off. Here they are:
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, John Barrymore (1920); Bluebeard, John Carradine (1944); The Corpse Vanishes, Bela Lugosi (1942); Doomed to Die, Boris Karloff (1940); The Amazing Transparent Man, Douglas Kennedy (1960); Night of the Living Dead, Judith O'Dea (1968); Atomic Age Vampire, Albert Lupo (1961); Satanic Rites of Dracula, Christopher Lee (1973); Creature from the Haunted Sea, Antony Carbone (1962); Eaten Alive!, Mel Ferrer (1977); Nosferatu, Max Schreck (1922); Swamp Woman, Jill Jamyn (1956); The World Gone Mad, Pat O'Brien (1933); The Amazing Mr. X, Turhan Bey (1948); Dead Men Walk, George Zucco (1943); The Monster Maker, J Carol Naish (1944); Tormented, Richard Carlson (1960); The Monster Walks, Rex Lease (1932); The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Jason Evers (1962); The Last Man on Earth, Vince Price (1964); The Gorilla, The Ritz Brothers (1939); A Shriek in the Night, Ginger Rogers (1933); Bloodlust!, Robert Reed (1961); The House on Haunted Hill, Vincent Price (1959); Beast of Yucca Flats, Douglas Mellor (1961); King of the Zombies, Joan Woodbury (1941); Dementia, William Campbell (1963); Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Kent Taylor (1955) The Severed Arm, Deborah Walley (1973); The Devil’s Hand, Linda Christian (1962); Last Woman on Earth, Betsy Joans-Moreland (1960); The Vampire Bat, Fay Wray (1933); Carnival of Souls, Candace Hilligoss (1962); Attack of the Giant Leeches, Ken Clark (1959); The Ape, Boris Karloff (1940); I Bury the Living, Richard Boone (1958); Nightmare Castle, Barbara Steele (1965); One Body too Many, Bela Lugosi (1944); White Zombie, Bela Lugosi (1932); Maniac, Bill Woods (1934); Invisible Ghost, Bela Lugosi, (1941); Count Dracula and his Vampire Brides, (Satanic Rites of Dracula) Christopher Lee (1973); Revolt of the Zombies, Dean Jagger (1936); The Giant Gila Monster, Don Sullivan (1959); The Fatal Hour, Boris Karloff (1940); The Wasp Woman, Susan Cabot (1959); Bride of the Gorilla, Raymond Burr (1951); Condemned to Live, Ralph Morgan (1935); Beast from the Haunted Cave, Michael Forest (1959); The Crawling Eye, Forest Tucker (1958);
Well, that's it. "Collector's Edition 50 Horror Classics" Distributed by Emson out of NY. I expect they're all in the Public Domain. Well, would you like to join me on a Classic Horror Journey? Will branch from time to time. I can only go so long without watching Halloween or the Devil's Rejects. But for now I'll plow through these 50 and share them with you. O whoa is me. What a trial. I know it's a dirty job, but......