Monday, February 27, 2012

Fifty Classic Horror Films

A couple years ago, I saw a commercial advertising 50 Horror Classics, a 5 disc set. Bout wrenched my neck. "If you call now, you'll receive two sets.....for only $25.00......" Oh my god! Pen, working pen! Finally, I just grabbed my phone and called the number. I received my two sets. I kept one and sent the other to my cousin, Mark Morris, whose a bigger horror freak than I. Best purchase I ever made. Hands down. Granted, some are a little rough and have some digital glitches, but I think that just adds to the "classic" part, and there are a couple, so far, that cut off before the end, but who the hell cares? There are 50! I haven't plowed through all of them yet. Just haven't made the time. But today's a new day, and I'm finding more and more that life's too frickin short to put all the good stuff on the back burner. Besides, if I'm going to have a decent horrorzine, I can justify watching every last second...even if they cut it off. Here they are:
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, John Barrymore (1920); Bluebeard, John Carradine (1944); The Corpse Vanishes, Bela Lugosi (1942); Doomed to Die, Boris Karloff (1940); The Amazing Transparent Man, Douglas Kennedy (1960); Night of the Living Dead, Judith O'Dea (1968); Atomic Age Vampire, Albert Lupo (1961); Satanic Rites of Dracula, Christopher Lee (1973); Creature from the Haunted Sea, Antony Carbone (1962); Eaten Alive!, Mel Ferrer (1977); Nosferatu, Max Schreck (1922); Swamp Woman, Jill Jamyn (1956); The World Gone Mad, Pat O'Brien (1933); The Amazing Mr. X, Turhan Bey (1948); Dead Men Walk, George Zucco (1943); The Monster Maker, J Carol Naish (1944); Tormented, Richard Carlson (1960); The Monster Walks, Rex Lease (1932); The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, Jason Evers (1962); The Last Man on Earth, Vince Price (1964); The Gorilla, The Ritz Brothers (1939); A Shriek in the Night, Ginger Rogers (1933); Bloodlust!, Robert Reed (1961); The House on Haunted Hill, Vincent Price (1959); Beast of Yucca Flats, Douglas Mellor (1961); King of the Zombies, Joan Woodbury (1941); Dementia, William Campbell (1963); Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Kent Taylor (1955) The Severed Arm, Deborah Walley (1973); The Devil’s Hand, Linda Christian (1962); Last Woman on Earth, Betsy Joans-Moreland (1960); The Vampire Bat, Fay Wray (1933); Carnival of Souls, Candace Hilligoss (1962); Attack of the Giant Leeches, Ken Clark (1959); The Ape, Boris Karloff (1940); I Bury the Living, Richard Boone (1958); Nightmare Castle, Barbara Steele (1965); One Body too Many, Bela Lugosi (1944); White Zombie, Bela Lugosi (1932); Maniac, Bill Woods (1934); Invisible Ghost, Bela Lugosi, (1941); Count Dracula and his Vampire Brides, (Satanic Rites of Dracula) Christopher Lee (1973); Revolt of the Zombies, Dean Jagger (1936); The Giant Gila Monster, Don Sullivan (1959); The Fatal Hour, Boris Karloff (1940); The Wasp Woman, Susan Cabot (1959); Bride of the Gorilla, Raymond Burr (1951); Condemned to Live, Ralph Morgan (1935); Beast from the Haunted Cave, Michael Forest (1959); The Crawling Eye, Forest Tucker (1958);
Well, that's it. "Collector's Edition 50 Horror Classics" Distributed by Emson out of NY. I expect they're all in the Public Domain. Well, would you like to join me on a Classic Horror Journey? Will branch from time to time. I can only go so long without watching Halloween or the Devil's Rejects. But for now I'll plow through these 50 and share them with you. O whoa is me. What a trial. I know it's a dirty job, but......


  1. You're tackling a daunting task, Warden. Both of the sets below have a decent hit-to-miss ratio if you're interested. Best of luck!

    1. Don't I know it! Shit, I pretty much thought I'd won the lotto when I ordered it, and now all I have to do is wander in to Walmart or Kmart and there are bins with a million more! Thanks for the tips though. I'm hoping there are some gems on these discs, but I'm afraid after hitting The Corpse Vanishes that rated only one flame so early in the game, that if they put the best ones early in the lineup, I'll have to use absolute flames. But like I always say, even a bad Horror Movie is better than a good day at work! Until next time....Keep those fires stoked, Brandon.
      Eternally Yours
      Warden Stokely