Friday, August 2, 2013

Deputy Warden Christopher Thomason...The other Chris

Hell o Prisoners
I used to believe that Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria magazine possessed the most extensive horror knowledge base of anyone I've ever heard of, that is until I met Christopher Thomason, a mild mannered young man, who may very well be the smartest person I know or would ever hope to meet. He has yet to fall short in his commentaries on all things horror, film, directors, actors, indie, blockbuster, or foreign films. If these two could get together, I'd give just about anything to shift from Warden to Fly on the Wall and listen to them go head to head. I think CA would be pleasantly surprised to tangle with one who may very well be young enough to be his kid. I would bet a million that CA couldn't stump him if he tried, and I'd be surprised if he didn't learn something new. I've invited Christopher to be a guest blogger here at the Prison, and I hope he accepts. He will don the title of Deputy Warden if that is the case, a title that will surely fall short of his limitless know how. He could take my job, if it wasn't my blog, for his knowledge surely surpasses mine. He'll have the freedom to write about anything he chooses, and believe me, you'll be in for a treat, no tricks, no matter what he decides. Keep those fires burning.
Eternally yours,
Warden Stokely

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