Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hell o Prisoners...Warden Here
I've been away, but I'm working on a comeback. I have a lot of exciting things planned. Of course to watch and review all 50 of the 50 Greatest Horror Films, and I'll let you be the judge as to whether or not they stand up to the title of the DVD. Also, I'm giving a shout out for guest bloggers, Deputies, I'll call them. If you like all things scary, as I do, and you can write worth a damm, please contact me, and I'll hook you way or another. I have very few prisoners at this point, so I'm looking for some Deputies to help me stoke the fires. I'm still navigating the world of social networking, but I'll kill it. Was distracted last night with Don Coscarelli's classic Phantasm. Whoda thought you get shrunk to dwarf size before coming my way?And you gotta love The Tall Man, Angus Scrimm. His gait rivals that of Bigfoot, and if I had the choice, I'd rather take on the former. A. Michael Baldwin kills it. And how many kids get to keep their own name when playing a role? He carries the show; he and the Tall Man. The 9 millimeter he shoves in the back of his pants was about as big as he was, and I'm surprised he could still walk with the bowie he attached to his calf, but the kid kicks ass, and I have to say, I like him better than his successor, James Lee Chris in Phantasm 2. I also like Reggie in the first movie; he comes across as kind of a perv in the second, but seriously redeems himself in 3 and 4. Poor guy never does get a descent piece of ass; you'd think he'd learn, but he just keeps fallin for crazies. Grace Jones got nothing on Gloria Lynn Henry, as Roxy, and Kevin Connors, as Time, is one bad ass little guy  in 3.  Anyway, if you haven't seen the original, you're missing out. I could've skipped two altogether, maybe because I felt no affinity to James LeGross as Mike. His name is appropriate for the casting, but when they brought back A. Michael Baldwin in 3 and 4, the ball was rollin' again. Angus is my new hero. "I've been waiting for you a very long time."......."Boy!"  and even Jody, who ends up being less than a brother to Mike, dead or not, had a classic line, "Seeing is easy. Understanding? Well that takes a little more time."  All in all, I'd say the original was my fav, but 3, and especially 4, with lots of original footage was well worth the view. Coscarelli had the vision and foresight of all four to begin with, with scenes filmed back in the day that were included in Phantasm 4. 2 and 3 had a lot of original footage, in case you forgot what happened. It brought you right up to date, but in 4 there were scenes that were nowhere present in the original film, but made the last film cohesive. The closing scene comes full circle. In the first film, Mike asks Reggie if he heard something, when he heard the voice of the Tall Man, o which Reggie replies, "Just the wind," and in the closing scene of Phantasm 4--Oblivion, Reggie, who has gone back in time, to keep Mike safe from a future that didn't turn out so well the first time, at least in one dimension, asks Mike the same thing. "Did you hear something?" "Just the wind," Mike replies, all is good, and that's a wrap. Coscarelli is a genius. The Phantasm Tetralogy is to die for. Since I wasn't too keen on 2, I give it a 3 out of 4. Until next time, keep those fires burning. What's your favorite Phantasm movie? Whose your favorite character, and what's your favorite line?
Eternally yours,
Warden Stokely

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