Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Atom Age Vampire (1960)

Hell o Prisoners.

Time for Disc #1, Movie #6, 50 Horror Classics.


Topaz Film-Corp 
 Director Anton Guilio Majana's 
Atom Age Vampire (1960)

The end justifies the means.....

Jeanette Moreneau (Susanne Loret) is just like any other hard working night club dancer-- you depend on your tips. Ugly chick=shitty tips. It doesn't help when your old man, Pierre Mornet (Sergio Fantoni), gives you the old it's them or me, Baby. And when she realized it was too late to have danced her last dance, when he splits, sheez--she's a mess. 

Driving Distraught, she lost control of her car, veered off a cliff, it burst into flames. Jeanette survived, but she'd lost, well, she'd lost her face.  
So she's in this hospital layin' low, playing with the pistol from her pocketbook, thinking, and she gets a visit from a really hot chick, in an Inspector Gadget kinda way, with some totally cool glasses. She tells Jeanette she can help. She and another doctor have been conducting experiments......

Jeanette is skeptical, and not really up to par at late. She just lost Pierre; she quit her job; totaled her car; not to mention her face, so life pretty much sucks right about now. She receives the stranger's card, and Monique (Franca Parisi) sneaks out after telling Jeanette, they would see her later. 

Back at the lab, Dr. Levin and his Assistant, Monique, are chattin' it up (she's obsessed with him)-- something about Derma 25 this and Derma 28 that, and radiation doesn't work on this one, and this morphs out of that one, and it was all very tedious and boring, but just like before in most of the story lines at the time, the villian of the day is RADIATION. The bottom line is, they're running out of the good stuff. Levin can whip some up from specific glands women produce. He needs them for Jeanette, with whom he later becomes obsessed. He's a total psycho whack job.

Enter. Jeanette. Collar up to her sunglasses (still lookin' for the pic. if you find one, please send it in a comment!).  They convince her to start treatment.
Meanwhile Monique has been mainstreaming the high dose, the Derma 28, which works, but is unpredictable, and probably deadly. I think she was just using it to make sure they could continue their experiments with human specimens. 

Anyway, they run out of the good stuff, and it takes weeks to morph more, so Doctor Levin starts killing off women for their glands, and for what ever reason, he's been shooting up, too, and he does this Jekyll/Hyde thing, accept Levin is a creep either way.  
So, to wrap this up, since the entire movie is mundane. No, seriously, I watched this movie about, I don't was close to 10 times, I guess. I get up and down frequently, and that includes a lot of pausing or rewinding, and whatever, but still, it was just so unpleasant. Bluck. A typical glean the good from the bad. 

Anyway, I was drifting here and there, as I often do, and was thinking about my earlier posts, and I'm like, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was so much better than this, and it didn't have sound, so I tried muting it. And I'll tell ya, that was better! I caught a lot of the subplots, like the journalist, who is refreshingly absent. Considering we've had such high striving motivated female upstarts, this was just a short winded sleuth in a trench coat, hat, and pants, that were all a bit too big. And Dr. Levin was way creepier; Monique had more substance; Jeanette--still a twit. 

So then I just listened to it, and didn't watch it, and that was also better. Except, I did have to look up at one part that is really funny, when Jeanette faints, and Monique calls in Sacha (Roberto Bertea), "to help them move her," and she did help scoop her up in his arms, but that was it. I mean Sacha was the servant, but it was just funny, her wording and all. So I'da missed that if I had only audio.

So anyway, Dr. Levin starts removing these glands from the necks of women that leaves what look like little bite marks, hence the vampire, and he notices even with repeated treatment, Jeanette starts regressing. He convinces her to stay, making her an offer she obviously couldn't refuse, but the mask prevented him from speaking clearly, so that was a bummer. Now that I think about it, why would they dub a mask sound anyway. I learn I have a lot to learn.

Jeanette starts having a fit, and Pierre is strolling by  outside and hears the ruckus, so he runs to her side and gets into a brawl with Levin gone Atom Age Vampire. and then..........nothing. Yep, that's right. The movie cuts off right there. 

So i searched YouTube, and there were a few versions, and every one did the same thing. So if you've seen the end, or you can send me a link to the end, please do so....lamest movie. I expect he gets his oats. 

All in all..It's terribly overacted and painful to watch. There was the worse scream ever filmed (I'll see if I can find a pic), but on the other hand, I thought that Dr. Levin got in the best dis ever when he said to Pierre, something like, "Good by Mr.......oh, it doesn't matter. I don't see that we will meet on another occasion," and he turned away. Smoking in the theater. Most of the people just fired one up. Never saw that before. I've seen smokin' in a theater scene, but not where everyone was smoking. Looked like a pool hall. And, oh yeah, the Chief of Police had quit smoking. That was all very interesting. Evolution in film showing social norms and fears, but it was hugely disjointed, and the dubbing and the score did nothing to add to the poor, what were in essence, stage performances. I think it very well rates zero flames on the flame scale, and it fits quite nicely in the genre of crap Brian explained over at Horror Movie a Day.

God, I'm glad that ones over. I'll bet you are too, and I hope I made this long and boring, so you don't waste your time watching....most of it. Damn thing didn't even end! Next! Disc #1, Movie #7, The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) . Until next time, prisoners...Keep those fires stoked.

Eternally Yours
Warden Stokely


  1. I'm going to enjoy reading your commentary of movies I've never seen!

    1. Hahahaha. Aww, Thanks, Anne! Hey Sid! Well, hopefully you'll never have to endure sitting through any of the no flamers, and will read one which particularly peaks your interest, and watch it. Afterall, I have the

    2. I sometimes like to watch the really bad ones, just for fun. Heh.

  2. I've been compiling a BIG stack of Hammer movies for Pre'Ween this year, and I've never seen The Satanic Rites Of Dracula. I prefer Cushing's Frankenstein pics. TSROD is in the pile, though, so I'm looking forward to your review.

    I kind of figured Atom Age Vampire was going to be a hard slog. Kudos to you for trying to find a way to watch it that it didn't suck. lol

  3. Hah! Even a bad horror flick is better than a good day at work. When I turned it into a science experiment with the audio, it made it much more fun. Satanic Rites was very good. I'm gonna give it 3 flames, I think. The score was difficult. That 70s Bond stuff. Not my thing. And they try to make up for Dracula with intellectual hoo hah. But it works. I liked it. Been off the grid, am on my way to do a little Pre'Weenin.....:)