Saturday, December 21, 2013

And we have a winner....FREDDY? Seriously?

Hell o Prisoners!

Thanks to all of you who voted for MICHAEL, Jason, and Freddy! Michael was like that race horse who had the lead till the finish line, and then in the final stretch was beat by a razor sharp finger nail. What a world! As the wicked witch says. I appreciate your votes, even if I'm in mourning thi 'smorning with the outcome. To all you die hard Michael fans? Let's wear black today. Well, more black then usual. Maybe black with a little red...and a white mask with holes for eyes...and a plumber's jumper...and carry a nice sharp butcher's knife...just in case YOU SEE A FREDDY FAN!  Oh, and I suppose I can't leave out all FIVE of you Jason fans! lol. No wonder they are making another installment and published a beautifully done, I might add, coffee table book.

Maybe if they keep trying, they'll be able to stab it like they did the first time. What is it now, 14? Even though they are the clear LOSERS in my poll, I can't knock them for their tenacity!

The whole day is not an entire loss, however. Classic Gothic films won out Slasher by a razor thin line. So I'll add a little white with my black today. 

All in all, for my first poll, I'm thrilled and chilled with the number of votes, even if there were only 24 votes in 180 days, and Michael didn't win. Next poll I'm shooting for 25! So for all of you die hard Michael fans, like Holly over at Holly's Horrorland! This ones for you! Better than a Bud any day. 

And yes. I do like Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon. Cute as a spider. Until next time...Keep those fires stoked! I'll get to The Amazing Mr. X ones of these days. Classic work avoidance, I know, just can't wait till I run into another five flamer on my 50 Horror Classics 5 disc set! There have been three, and I have like 37 to go, so I have hope! Just like the Jason fans (lol), and even if Freddy did win.....

Eternally Yours
Warden Stokely

ps And not to discourage all of you Freddy fans from voting next time...but can I say all you winners are losers? I mean seriously, Freddy doesn't have the balls to kill you when you're awake! Has to wait till you're asleep. What a...kitten. hah.


  1. For what it's worth, I voted for Michael. I smell a recount. Don't we have some absentee ballots or something?

  2. Michael may have lost, but he is full of win! So are you, my friend!
    You won The Dark of the Forest comic in my giveaway! Just email me your address and we'll send it on over!
    Ok, back to Michael! I liked how Rob Zombie showed his origin. It was interesting to see him as a kid. Made me love him even more. How about you?
    I must admit I am a Jason and Freddy fan too though. I like to think of all three of them being BFFs lol.
    Anyway, thanks for the shout out!

    1. Hot Dog! Seriously, so exciting! I'm at work, so I can't actually answer to the Rob Zombie, Michael--origins, Jason, and Freddy. But I can say that I have to agree that there are things about each of them that I like. But in ranking, clearly Michael's my fave. Maybe just because of the vulnerability and sadness of his situation. and so cool about the comic! I love a good search. The email is Thanks Holly!

  3. It's truly impossible for me to pick a favorite. It completely depends on what I'm looking for in my slasher at any given point in time

    If I'm looking for more of a creep factor, then I go with Michael Myers. Halloween I & II are still damn creepy movies. Part II is my favorite. Maybe because I work in a hospital and I work the graveyard shift......I dunno.

    If I'm looking for straight up stalk and slash camp (pun intended) then I go straight for some Friday the 13th. Jason is The Man when it comes to creative killing.

    If I'm looking for more dark humor with my kills, then the obvious choice is Freddy. Whether he's eating a soul-meatball pizza or disguising himself as Super Freddy, he always cracks me up.

    1. Aw. Very good arguments for all three. Like Holly said, she likes to think of all of them as being bff's, and mine as well. My three thoughts, I suppose, since we're really dissecting this, are: I'd like to give Michael a great big hug. haha. Even if it was my last. I used to work at a school for "at-risk" kids, basically just the kids that get into trouble, most being on meds, and diagnosed clinically with something. I always used to think I could tune them in like a radio, but my boss, always told me that sometimes you can and some times you can't, and not to take it personal. But, I think about Michael like that. I would just want to try and tune him in. And when I watch a Halloween, I look forward to seeing him in a nurturing type of way. It seems like I can't see him without go, aawww.

      Jason. I couldn't watch any Friday the 13th movies at night by myself for a very long time. He's scary. Maybe cause he's so erratic and on auto pilot. He's like a machine that I wouldn't want to give a hug for sure, just get the hell out of his way, fast.

      Freddy? Honestly, I think he is the creepiest. I mean I sure as shit wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. He'd just, forgive my lack of imagination, creep me the fuck out. Maybe cause he's got so much control in his movements, and is so slow and deliberate in his movements.

      So like you said, it depends on what you're going for on that particular occasion. They all win something, I suppose. But, as far as my "favorite" it's Michael today and Michael tomorrow. I guess I can think of it like this. Well, two things. One. If all three were playing on separate channels. I'd watch Halloween and switch to Jason during the commercials, and occasionally switch to Freddy for a minute for the dream state and color. And two. If all three were falling off a cliff, I'd reach for Michael. hah.

      Thanks, Matt!

    2. Very interesting take on Mr. Myers! I have a friend who works with troubled kids and we had a very similar conversation. It started talking about kids who grow up to be killers and how some of them are products of their environments. Michael Myers came up and she was making the argument that he was a product of his environment and his upbringing turned him into a killer. I think she was going strictly off the '07 Zombie remake (which I do like), but if you go back to the original, Loomis in no uncertain terms calls Michael pure evil. With the blackest eyes....the devil's eyes.

      I used to sneak downstairs to watch horror flicks that I wasn't supposed to be seeing when I was a kid. I remember watching Friday the 13th Part VI on HBO on night. I had to keep the volume low so I didn't wake anyone up....which meant I had to sit close to the TV to hear. It was 90 minutes of me huddling up to the TV and then quickly scurrying back when things got too intense. You are correct though....Jason is like a Death Machine that someone just flicked on and no one can turn off!

      As for Freddy, even when he's being comical, there is still such an evil glee to it. Jason and Michael......they're almost animalistic. You can sometimes trick them into behaving....if only momentarily....such as in F13 Part II when Ginny puts on Jason's mother's sweater. Jason thinks he's looking at his mom for a moment and stops. That shit don't fly with Freddy. HE'S the one in charge and HE'S the one who's gonna mess with you. Even when you think you have the upper really don't.

      I love the BFF analogy though! I feel the same way. Though I must say that if all three were falling off a cliff......I'd let 'em fall! After all....they've all survived much worse than a cliff fall! ;-)

  4. When it comes to slasher movies. Michael scares me the most because he seems to have no real emotions about what he does. He never gets angry or happy about killing. he just does it, and I find that to be very terrifying. Freddy is almost an anti hero. The people he brings down are the ones that made fun of me in High School so for me. It;s more of an enjoyment factor then a fear one. Good Post. BTW please email me at I'm putting together guests for As You Watch and a new show I'm starting up soon