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The World Gone Mad (1933)

Hell o Prisoners

Time for Disc #2, Movie #3, 50 Horror Classics

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Christy Cabbane's
The World Gone Mad (1933)

Well, Prisoners, here we go again. THIS IS NOT A HORROR PICTURE EITHER! I AM BEGINNING TO THINK THAT I HAVE BEEN DUPED! This is a crime film with your typical fast talking press agent on a mission. He and his buddy, the new D.A., try to figure out who took down the old D.A, uncovering high society Wall Street stock mongers have embezzled their own company's stock to invest in a pyramid scheme. The End. 

In short, I found the speed of the dialogue simply too fast to pick up. I'm either deaf, a dumb ass, just plain slow, or they just talk too damn fast. That seemed to be quite the trend in the 30s. Press agents that talk too damn fast. Slow the hell down, so I don't have to rewind every 20 seconds. It makes a 1.5 hour movie last about 3 hours, which wouldn't be so bad, if the movie was great, but it wasn't! OR it wouldn't have been so bad, if it was A HORROR MOVIE! But it wasn't! So I muddled through three hours thinking, Damn it! Hurry the hell up, because I have to write a post about how I can't write a post on a horror movie....AGAIN! 

The good parts, well, and I hate to mention it now (maybe I should close with it. Naw, I've already started), but there was one scene between the press agent and his assistant, which was pretty entertaining, because their banter back and forth was so quick and on cue, problem was, I don't know what the hell they said, but it sounded funny. Another thing were the dresses, slinky and satin, the classic 30s hairdos (love them)-- the way it's just flat to the head, shiny, smooth, with little waves. My mom, rest her soul, was in her teens about then, and she said, to do that you put your finger on your hair at the top, and pushed it up towards your crown or towards the back of your head, and then inserted a bobby pin. You just kept doing that till it was wavy all the way down. I'm not sure how to explain it really, but I've tried it, and well, it didn't work. hahaha. MOM! And, if I may digress for just a moment...and this is not a generalization of all women, just most women....Back in the day, women took a lot more time to make sure they looked nice. Now granted, these girls are actresses with a costume designer and a make up artist, but my mother and her sister and her mother, my Nana, rest her soul, always looked as nice as they could. They didn't go out in sweats with their hair tied up in a messy bun donning slippers or shabby shoes. Women now, not all, of course, are lazy! Just plain lazy! Get up earlier and wash your face and brush your hair and put on some clean clothes and shoes for goodness sakes! And maybe a little lip color or mascara. But back to what I liked. Oh yes, sheez, here I go again, their boobs. haha. Maybe I'm just a boob gal. Hell, Idk. lol. I don't seem to notice them so much in the horror movies. Maybe I just have nothing else to focus on in these crime movies. ug. Anywho, they really are quite interesting. I think I could write a whole social history on breasts and how they change from decade to decade. 

For instance, in the 30s, unlike the 50s in Swamp Women, women embraced their flatness! Yay! I'm a 30s girl, well, without the satin gown and wavy hair. I never really thought about it, but at the turn of the century, they were accentuated, and then in the 20s, they were definitely just flat, like the flappers, then in the 30s, they were defined somewhat, but still, flat was fine, and then in the 40s, they started popping out again with bras and suits, and in the 50s, well, we've talked about the 50s in their perky Vasserettes, and then in the 60s, well, they barely wore clothes at all in the 60s, and then in the 70s, no bras, and then in the 80s, 90s, and the turn of the millenium, they just got huge and fake, and now I think they are tapering down to a more natural size again. And, Yes, I really am a Horror Blogger. I am a full fledged member of the Horror Blogger Alliance, (Jeremy told me so), and I have a T shirt to prove it. But if I can't produce a write up of a horror movie, I've learned boobs are a big hit! lol. Alas, I'm done. Sorry fellas. 

Oh yes, I did like a couple other things, well maybe more than a couple. The Director was a girl! Christy Cabbane! In 1933! That's what I'm talking about. Chalk one up for the ladies! And I loved the, gosh, I don't know the lingo, but the fade in and out shots? Every time a scene changed, well, almost every time, you saw the shudder close and open to the new scene. Sometimes it would simply close from left to right or vice versa, and sometimes it would close in completely in a circle and open back up. I thought that was dandy. And the camera played some tricks with the angles. For instance, in one scene the shot opened on some calves, girl's calves with shoes, and as the camera rose, it wasn't a girl at all, but just some fake calves! It was funny, and what made it funnier was that when the camera backed up, it shot a photographer taking a picture of the calves! I thought that was fun and clever. Oh yeah, and one other thing. Boy, I'll tell you, Carlotta Lamont (Evelyn Brent) had a seriously provocative role. In fact, she and her two accomplices were seriously cozy, and neither one of the gents seem to mind that she was kissing on both of them. She was a vamp after my own heart. Aww the 30s. 

Alas, it still must warrant zero flames on the flame scale, as it is NOT a horror movie. 

So, as time is of the essence....AGAIN.... I'm moving on to Disc #2, Movie #4, The Amazing Mr. X (1948). And please let it be a horror movie.

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  1. boobs? Boobs! How about 50 Horror Classics, Many Of Which Aren't Horror And Most Of Which Aren't Classics, With Boobs. I'd buy that set.

    1. I knew I could count on you, Brandon! Yes, I just watched The Amazing Mr. X, and I'm afraid, although it wasn't a Crime or a Crime/Adventure, it was a pseudo ghost, try and gaslight the wife story. So even though, the dresses were pretty, and the mansion at the sea was to die for, it wasn't very scary, and there weren't even any boobs to speak of for ya Brandon. But I'll keep my eyes open and alert you should I run across a pair you can't miss. lol