Here are shorts that are stokin' the fires.....Right now I'm on a Peter Duke's kick. 

I saw Little Reaper on Grimm Reviewz. Grimm's always got great stuff. I'm not a big Zombie gal, and don't get me wrong, this is not a Zombie short, but there are some zombies, and they are relevant to the story. Anyone who is, was, has, knows, has known, or dated a teenage girl, will surely dig on Peter Duke's Dream Seeker Production. If you have 10 minutes, it's worth a view.


After lovin Little Reaper, I checked out Peter Duke's other shorts over at Dream Seekers. I'm hooked. totally hooked. All I have to say about The Beast is exactly what Dr. Ulof asked in The Amazing Transparent Man. "What would you do?"


I used to get visited by a small elf. It was always the same elf--dressed in green and stood about a foot high. It would creep into my bedroom at night and play with my toys. He thought I was asleep, but I watched him open my door, ever so slowly, just enough to step in, checking on me first, to make sure I was asleep, and then he would enter and play with my toys. He liked the dinosaurs in the bottom drawers under my closet. I miss that elf. He may have stayed with the house. I hope he visits the kid there now, and I hope that kid has dinosaurs. The concept of this short is sort of Matrix like. Makes one wonder.....


I have only one thing to ask, "Are you hungry?"


Hell with your American Express card! It's your Swiss Army Knife---Don't leave home without it. And if your blind as a bat, invest in an eyeglass chain or keep a spare in your console. 


This next one is not a horror short...but I dug on it, so it's here. 

Shoot me your video in the comments, and if I dig on it, I'll keep the fires stoked and lay them to rest on CUT!


  1. Very cool list of shorts. I will keep this filmmaker in mind. Thanks for the recommendation

    1. You got it, The Vern! Thanks for checking out CUT! You are the first one to leave a comment here. And first comment leavers always get very special treatment. Thanks so much. Yeah, I expect we will see big...and short..haha...sheez, I crap myself up, from Mr. Duke. He's got the knack. Oh god, please tell me that wasn't an 80s music reference. I swear to god it wasn't intentional.....